Lean Certifications

 Lean Certifications


It is the employees that are the driving force behind any organization.  Certifications is a medium for Organizations to gauge the level of knowledge within their employees.  At the same time, it provides the individual employee a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Lean principles create value for the customers by reducing three types of losses – Muri (over-burdening), Mura (unevenness) and Muda (waste). In simple words, it aims at reducing / eliminating steps or activities that do not add value to the customer

Why organizations should invest in Lean Certifications?
Lean Certifications will enable an organization to:

  1. Invest in building a culture of quick continuous improvements
  2. Deliver quick outcomes focused on cost, safety, productivity (among others)
  3. Create a positive peer competition within the organization

How individuals benefit from Lean Certifications?
A certified Lean Practitioner:

  1. Is recognized as a change agent delivering quick outcomes
  2. Fast tracks his/her career trajectory
  3. Develops a seventh sense for identifying waste, thereby never getting stagnated in a role/position

Why Lean certification with LSSIB?
LSSIB certification criteria is tougher than the industry median, which makes it one of the most respected certification.

  1. LSSIB assesses both conceptual knowledge and application of knowledge
  2. LSSIB does not mandate a formal training before taking the certification. We believe application of concept is a better proof of understanding
  3. LSSIB assessments are conducted around the globe, in multiple time zones and languages
  4. LSSIB certifications are open for customization to meet organizational needs

Just a click away from LSSIB Body of Knowledge including:

  1. Industry specific case studies
  2. Business oriented summary handbooks to cater to your Industry needs

Product Specification 

White BeltYellow BeltGreen BeltBlack BeltMaster Black BeltChampions Certification
Minimum Work Experience1 year3 Years3 Years5 years7 years12 Years
Minimum Education LevelDiploma / EquivalentDiploma / EquivalentGraduation / EquivalentGraduation / EquivalentGraduation / EquivalentGraduation / Equivalent
Recommended Professional LevelOperator / Analyst / OfficerTeam Member / Sr. Officer / ExecutiveSupervisor / Team LeaderAssistant Manager and aboveManager and AboveGeneral Manager / Director/ Vice-President
Relevant IndustriesAllAllAllAllAllAll
Who should undergo?If you are seeking to gain basic knowledge in Lean ConceptsNext Level to White Belt. Beginner proficiency in core Lean concepts and toolsNext Level to Yellow Belt. Intermediate Proficiency – Theory and operative application of Lean concepts and toolsNext Level to Green Belt. Expert Proficiency – Practical application of advanced Lean Concepts and Tools, Guiding Green Belt Level Projects under Master Black BeltNext Level to Black Belt. Subject Matter Expert – Master of most of the Lean Concepts and tools along with Leadership and change management tools to drive and sustain Cultural TransformationOrganizational Leaders who sponsor Green / Black Belt project(s) and driving Lean Culture Transformation in the organization
Pre-requisitesAt least one example of lean tool implementationAt least one Lean Tool implementationOne Lean Green Belt ProjectGreen Belt certification
One Lean Black Belt Project
Black Belt certification
Coach at least two Lean Black Belt project
Go through Lean Training; Get a Black Belt / Green Belt certified under your sponsorship
Nature of AssessmentOnline, Multiple Choice questionsOnline, Multiple Choice questions + Case study / Calculative problemOnline, Multiple Choice questions
Duration of Assessment30 min60 min120 min120 min120 min90 min
Nature of CertificateHard copy certificate (can be co-branded with your organization logo)
Click here to view a sample Lean certificate
Price in US $$ 40$ 80$ 150$ 210$ 230$ 210
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