Identification Of 2C’s In Risk Management

2C stand for Correct and Complete To perform effective risk analysis these 2C’s should be used extensively in the initial phases of risk identification. 2C for Success of Risk Analysis While [...]

Failure Mode Effect Analysis Vs Fault Tree Analysis For Risk Management

Risk Management using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Vs Fault Tree Analysis Both Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis are used to identify potential risks in the [...]

Relationship Between Risk Management And Lean Six Sigma

Risk Management: Risk management is defined as a process of identification, evaluation and effective management of risks associated with a process or a product. Appropriate risk management [...]

SWOT Analysis Leading To Identification Of Six Sigma Projects

During a Gemba walk to a cement organization (Cementia), a manager (Mr. Ajay) asked LASSIB Society team, “Why should we do SWOT analysis?” One of the LASSIB Society Team Members (Mr. Govind) [...]

Learning A Common Language Of Change

There was intense excitement, passion and a sense of urgency in the air as top leaders of a leading Pharma company got seated in their chairs.One meeting to focussed on learning a new [...]

Retro 66

Retro 66 “How can we work together to improve now, so our next project or service is demonstrably better in the future?” The retrospective is a constructive glance at the recent past to enable a [...]

Building Cross Cultural Knowledgebase

“How do cultures affect management practices?” Most organizations have some kind of business relations with customers, companies, employees and other stakeholders in other countries and cultures. [...]

A Factual Case Study By KINDUZ Consulting – Oil & Gas Sector

Petrocham Refineries Limited (name changed), with it’s headquarter in India is a Fortune 200 Oil & Gas Company.Since its inception in 1964, the company has grown in operation from a crude [...]

The Energy Problem Of Crude Distillation Unit Of A Refinery

This is a case story from Petrocham Oil Refineries Ltd (PORL) (name changed). This story communicates the key message that data collection should be correct otherwise results may defer. It is [...]

Refinery reduces Gas Turbine trips, reveals high reliability for refinery operations

This case sory tells about how a two member team reduced the Gas Turbine trips through a structured data driven problem solving process.

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