E-Learning is an invention of this cyber era. With the advent of technology it has become user-friendly as well as informative. E-Learning has gained importance due to the following reasons:

  1. To reduce travel time to attend classroom courses
  2. Business priorities take importance over training
  3. Unavailability of the right trainer all the time
  4. Ease of learning at a time/place suited for the candidate

Our modules outline the concept of LSS along with real-life simulations and case-studies for effective transfer of knowledge. While LSSIB has ready made courses which are available on demand, LSSIB also delivers eLearning content specific to organization requirements.

What are the benefits of e-learning over traditional classroom training for organizations?

E-Learning enables organization to:

  • Let the learning of concepts happen without affecting critical business deadlines
  • Be independent of the availability of trainers
  • Train its people irrespective of the strength of the batch
  • Increase effective of trainings by providing choice of time and place to the participants

How do you benefit, as an individual, from e-Learning?

As an individual you:

  • Can complete your learning at your own leisure and comfort
  • Get to learn the concepts better through visuals at your own pace
  • Need not travel or wait for a trainer’s presence to learn the concepts

Why e-Learning from LSSIB?

LSSIB e-Learning:

  • Provides you with real life examples that eases understanding of concepts
  • Comprises of examples from our industry experience across various segments and geographies
  • Is open for customization to meet organizational needs
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