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Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has been the buzzword for exponential year on year growth across all enterprises. This growth has busted a long standing myth that LSS is only applicable to manufacturing sector. LSS implementation and sustenance has been observed in telecom, defense, infrastructure, insurance, information technology, healthcare and other service industries along with the manufacturing sector.

As LSS implementations became more diverse, sharing of best practices gained momentum. The rising demand for deep insights about LSS application soon gave way to LSS research and reports.

Organizations should invest in LSS Research and Reports:

  1. To avoid reinventing the wheel
  2. Benchmark against best practices
  3. Replicate the best practices
  4. Gather industry information quickly

How do you benefit from LSS Research and Reports?
LSSIB Research and Reports enable you to:

  1. Validate your success in comparison to the industry
  2. Strengthen the outcomes from your organization’s LSS initiative
  3. Identify potential areas of improvement
  4. Highlight areas requiring investment from LSS point of view

Why research reports from LSSIB?
LSSIB Research and Reports are

  1. An outcome of the customer value we have delivered
  2. Churned out of LSS industry best practices
  3. Accompanied with a one to one call (on demand) with our experts
  4. Customizable to the needs of your organization

In addition, purchase of LSS Research and Reports enable you to avail discounts on solutioning exercise from KINDUZ solutioning team.

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