Visual Aids

The only way to remind yourself of your priorities, is to keep reminding yourself of your priorities.
– Lean Six Sigma International Board

Visual Aids are used successfully in multiple areas of Lean Six Sigma deployment. These are important especially in the areas of:

  1. Visual reminders for goals and related action
  2. Abnormality identification and rectification action
  3. Performance management
  4. Process management

Basis our experience in Lean Six Sigma (LSS) implementation, LSSIB has designed visual toolkits and aids that enables smooth delivery of outcomes. These also bring a structured and standardized approach to LSS implementation throughout the organization.

Why organizations should invest in LSS visual tools and aids?
LSS visual tools and aids will enable an organization to:

  1. Recognize potential opportunities impacting organization top-line and bottom-line
  2. Develop a structured, sustainable approach to identify and prioritize problems and opportunities
  3. Motivate teams to improve through focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  4. Identify and eliminate waste; prevent their reoccurrence

What makes LSSIB visual aids unique?
LSSIB Visual tools and aids

  1. Are simple to use yet powerful in helping you identify and deliver outcomes
  2. Can be tailored to your organizational needs
  3. Are available in different shapes and sizes to help you use them basis your requirement
  4. Used across organizations of varied size and geographical presence
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