LSS Assessments and Audits

Translate Dreams into Actionable Plan

What we focus on:

  • Accelerated Outcomes
  • Making you the best against the competition
  • Optimal utilization of your resources

We leverage:

  • KINDUZ Business Excellence Framework
  • KINDUZ AEIOU Change Management Framework
  • RDMAIC methodology

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology is one of the cornerstones towards continuous improvement. Many organizations are actively implementing LSS but huge variation exist in the implementation and hence in the outcomes it delivers within the organizations.

Organizations which benchmark their LSS implementation with the industry benefit from learning the best practices of the industry and understanding the gaps in their own systems. This enables them to fast forward their implementation journey.

LSSIB Assessment and Audit services are customized for your organization and measure success of implementation on the basis of:

  1. LSS needs to enable the organization to meet its goals
  2. LSS involves a dramatic change in the way organization, as a whole, thinks and acts.
  3. Everyone in the organization should buy into LSS over a period of time
  4. Force fitting known solutions into projects for LSS name sake will not benefit the organization in any way

Rollout strategies created with the help of LSSIB have proved to deliver more than the targeted outcomes because:

  1. Outcomes delivered
  2. Culture of the organization
  3. Engagement of the LSS community in the organization
  4. Sustainability of the implementation
  5. Alignment of LSS to customer goals and/or industry best practices

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  • What we hear

    “Each industry is unique. How do I know who I am being benchmarked against? How can I gauge the accuracy of the benchmark ”

    LSSIB Benchmark includes two levels:

    1. Global benchmark Includes 60+ organization across industries and geographies
    2. Industry specific benchmark Includes 5+ organizations specific to your industry
    In some cases, when the field of product/service is unique and does not have an industry parallel, LSSIB enables the organization to benchmark itself within regions, departments, product categories, etc.
  • What we hear

    “Why do we need LSS assessments if we are doing good in our LSS journey?”

    Doing good was something awesome a few years ago. Its time to be the best and excel exponentially to stay ahead in the game. LSSIB helps you benchmark your improvements and exceed the current outcomes. Click here

  • What we hear

    “We have had assessors before who have done a fair job but could not help us with suggestions on improving the current conditions”

    LSSIB has partners from various industries bringing diversified learning and experience under one roof. We do not conduct only assessments and audits, but we work with you as close confidante. Each assessment ends with a list of recommendations built in a high level implementation plan. We also have a large array of advisory services that can be leveraged post audits and assessments

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can help customize our approach basis your Organizational Requirement.

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