LSS Deployment

From Strategy to Execution

What we focus on:

  • Delivering business outcomes through the deployment

We leverage:

  • KINDUZ AEIOU Change Management Framework
  • KINDUZ Visual Management Aids
  • RDMAIC methodology

Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast ~ Peter Drucker

Successful Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Deployment has helped Organizations globally, to achieve exponential growth year over year.

LSS Deployment is the crucial stage in making LSS part of organization’s DNA because:

  • Knowledge of LSS has to be converted into outcomes that align with organizational goals
  • Cultural change needs to be addressed as there is a dramatic change in the way organization, as a whole, thinks and acts.
  • Everyone in the organization should believe in LSS over a period of time
  • Force fitting known solutions into projects for LSS name sake will not benefit the organization in any way

How do you know if your LSS Deployment is effective?

  1. Is your Investment to returns ratio a minimum 1:4?
  2. Are you getting a ROI of 3% of your annual revenue?
  3. Are 100% of your Black Belts and Green Belts taking new projects on a continuous basis?
  4. Are your Black Belts also coaching minimum 2 Green Belt projects per year?
  5. Are the Black Belt and Green Belt projects having a 30% and 10% improvement in critical CTQ (Critical To Quality) metrics respectively?
  6. Are sustained improvements achieved through your LSS projects?

LSS Deployment executed with the help of LSSIB has proved to deliver more than the targeted outcomes because:

  1. LSSIB enables your change agents, through structured mentoring
  2. LSSIB experts have diversified experience in LSS strategy development and deployment
  3. The deployment plan is customized specifically for your organization
  4. It is built on best practices and learnings from a number of LSS deployments across the globe
  • What we hear

    “We have the experience to implement change successfully. How can LSSIB add value in LSS Deployment? ”.

    LSSIB acts as an enabler in LSS Deployment. Along with effective change management, LSSIB enabled LSS Deployment ensures:

    1. Maximised ROI (over 1:8) from the deployment
    2. Alignment to your organizational goals
    3. Self-sustenance of LSS Deployment in the future
    4. Development of future strategic leaders
    5. Implementation of Industry best practices and learnings
    6. To know more about our success stories in LSS Deployment globally by Clicking Here
  • What we hear

    “Our organisational culture doesn't support change and hence it is difficult in sustaining any improvement. How can you help?.”

    Our Industry experience suggests that managing cultural change is the most common failure mode in LSS Deployment. LSSIB use KINDUZ proprietary AEIOU change management framework to manage cultural change during all phases of LSS Deployment. Our culturally diverse team of experts have personally delivered ROI of over US $ 50 million. They help you create solutions mapped to your cultural dynamics. Click here to discuss your cultural challenges.

  • What we hear

    “What is the big deal with LSS Deployment? We have created in-house Black Belts and Green Belts who can deploy LSS across the Organization”

    Internal Black Belts and Green belts are very important for the long term sustenance of LSS. Successful LSS Deployment requires not only expertise and knowledge of LSS but more importantly expertise on enterprise-wide LSS deployment. LSSIB consultants can create your action plan as well as help you in deployment of the same through their diversified experience in this area. Click here to connect with us on LSS Deployment in your organization

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can help customize our approach basis your Organizational Requirement.

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