LSS Leadership Augmentation

Right Expert at the Right Time

What we focus on:

  • Delivering key business outcomes through the project
  • Delivery focussed Continual Improvement drive

We leverage:

  • KINDUZ Value Stream Mapping Emotions (VSMe)
  • KINDUZ AEIOU Change Management Framework
  • RDMAIC methodology

A leader plays a significant role in the success of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) implementation. Identifying and developing the right leader takes time and energy. Delay in development of such leader(s) often leads to postponed LSS outcomes and increased risk of failure.

To address these challenges, LSSIB offers an agile, cost-effective alternative by supplementing your team with its experts. Our experts work in sprints, focusing on delivering outcomes for you in the short term. They also ensure that the right transition is done to your team as and when needed.

LSS Leadership Augmentation services are suited for you, if:

  1. Your Organization is new to LSS
  2. You want to develop in-house leaders to drive the initiative in the long run
  3. Past continual improvement initiatives such as LSS have not delivered the desired results in the past

How can LSSIB help you in LSS Leadership Augmentation?

LSSIB Consultants:

  1. Are industry seasoned experts – Help you to set up the foundation of LSS in your organization
  2. Deliver faster LSS implementation outcomes – Right from quick wins to long term roll out strategy
  3. Support you in identifying and building the right LSS leaders into business improvement experts and strategic leaders of the future
  • What we hear

    “How do we know whether Leader proposed by you will be a good fit in our Organization?”

    We use our proprietary GeNeX Framework that is based on Industry best practices, and can also be customized mapping to your organization’s Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values. This will help you to identify the right leader who is not just successful on paper but also aligns to your organizational culture and needs. Learn more about GeNeX by Clicking here

  • What we hear

    “We have a clear idea of Outcomes that we need to deliver but the right set of resources are caught up in other critical business deliverables.”

    Given the pace of change in large, successful organization, freeing the right resource, on time, can be a daunting task. KINDUZ understands this challenge and has, therefore, created the service of Leadership Augmentation. These services support our customers during such short, critical periods. Our consultants enable you to get the ball rolling in the first sprint. This provides the right momentum to the initiative and positively affects the outcomes.

  • What we hear

    “Isn’t it better to tap / develop internal resources towards Lean Six Sigma leadership roles than invest in an external consultant ?.”

    While developing in-house leaders is the best way of implementing a sustainable LSS initiative, it takes time to find and groom the right internal resources.

    LSSIB LSS experts in leadership roles, enable you to:

    1. Kick start the LSS initiative on time
    2. Derive quick wins
    3. Build the long term LSS strategy
    4. Support you in identifying the right LSS leaders.
    5. Transition to your internal team

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can help customize our services basis your Organizational Requirement.

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