LSS Project Mentoring

Success by Design, not by Luck

What we focus on:

  • Delivering business outcomes through LSS projects
  • On-time delivery of projects
  • Milestone tracking through Project Dashboard

We leverage:

  • KINDUZ Value Stream Mapping Emotions (VSMe)
  • KINDUZ AEIOU Change Management Framework
  • KINDUZ LSS Project Storyboard Template
  • RDMAIC methodology

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Methodology has delivered proven results across various industries year over year. Given the popularity of LSS, many organizations have started the journey towards LSS. In spite of investing significant cash and energy into the initiative, many organizations fail to receive the improvements consistently.
Project Mentoring plays a vital role in achieving benefits of Lean Six Sigma(LSS) implementation. Effective mentoring (whether from within the organization or external expert) right from the start of the implementation, is critical to the success of the implementation in the organization.
The Project Mentor is a Lean Six Sigma expert guiding the project teams towards successful completion.

How do you know whether you are in need of LSS Project Mentor?
If you answer yes to one or more of the below you need a LSS Project Mentor

  1. Is your team is new to LSS methodology?
  2. Are your projects consistently missing the project deadline?
  3. Are the improvements delivered from the project not in-line with the targets?
  4. Is there a lack of buy-in for LSS amongst relevant stakeholders within theorganization?

LSSIB Project Mentoring ensures

  1. Minimum of 1:8 Return On Investment (ROI) through the projects
  2. Early taste of success through quick-wins
  3. Right identification/scoping of the project to address the right outcomes
  4. On time completion of projects
  5. Development of next set of business leaders for your organization

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  • What we hear

    “How to we measure the success of Project Mentoring and Lean Six Sigma initiative? ”.

    As per LSSIB, a project is considered complete only if it has delivered the outcomes in ROI. Whether the ROI is related to cash outcomes or soft (non cash/intangible) outcomes, LSSIB has the methodology to measure and track the same. LSSIB targets for LSS projects are as below:

    • Green Belt Project - ROI in US $ 50,000
    • Black Belt Project - ROI in US $ 150,000
    If your LSS projects are not delivering these targets, the projects need better mentoring.
  • What we hear

    “We have delivered good improvements in the past without mentoring. We can continue to do the same in the future.”

    Industry benchmark is 1:4 Return On Investment(ROI) Outcomes. If you are meeting or exceeding this benchmark, you do not need external mentoring. KINDUZ guarantees 1:8 Return On Investment(ROI) Outcomes for its customers. If you are aiming to translate your good improvements to exponential outcomes, you will benefit from KINDUZ mentoring.

  • What we hear

    “How do I know if coaching will be effective? In the past, we have had consultants who have coached us yet the projects did not deliver the intended outcomes”

    The best measure of effective coaching is the ROI generated from the projects. KINDUZ takes pride in its selective group of expert coaches who have delivered over US $ 50 million of ROI individually.

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can help customize our approach basis your Organizational Requirement.

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