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What we focus on:
Enabling you to create your own LSS rollout strategy that:

  • Aligns with your organizational dynamics
  • Delivers the outcomes planned for your organization

We leverage:

  • KINDUZ AEIOU Change Management Framework
  • Four Quadrant Change Management Model

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology has been helping organizations, globally, deliver exponential outcomes year over year. In absence of an effective deployment strategy, many organizations have failed to imbibe LSS as a part of their DNA.

The rollout of LSSIB needs to be carefully planned because:

  1. LSS needs to enable the organization to meet its goals
  2. LSS involves a dramatic change in the way organization, as a whole, thinks and acts.
  3. Everyone in the organization should buy into LSS over a period of time
  4. Force fitting known solutions into projects for LSS name sake will not benefit the organization in any way

Rollout strategies created with the help of LSSIB have proved to deliver more than the targeted outcomes because:

  1. The strategy is created by the organization itself using frameworks and guidance of LSSIB experts
  2. LSSIB experts have diversified experience in LSS strategy development and deployment
  3. It is built on best practices and learnings from a number of LSS rollouts across the world

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  • What we hear

    “We have already implemented LSS using industry recommended approach. We have not seen the benefits yet?”.

    Each organization is unique. Before LSS can be implemented in an organization, a clear, thought through implementation plan needs to be developed keeping the unique features of the organization in mind. LSSIB taps the experience within your organization, to understand the organizational dynamics. We then act as enablers to help you design your own LSS rollout strategy.

  • What we hear

    “I know my organization best. I don’t need an external consultant to develop strategy for me. I will hire a Master Black Belt for the same.”

    Leaders of an organization are experts in their functional areas. Their expertise is the backbone for any initiative. Creating LSS rollout strategy involves both functional expertise along with other LSS expertise. An in-house Master Black Belt is key during deployment and sustenance, but may not hold the deep industry experience needed to create an effective rollout strategy.

    LSSIB enabled strategy creation provides:
    1. Maximised ROI from the rollout
    2. Best practices that have worked in other rollouts
    3. Learnings from other organizations
  • What we hear

    “In the past consultants have created Strategy for us we were not able to implement”

    LSSIB does not believe in creating strategy for any organization. We believe in enabling you to create your own strategy. This ensures:

    • Long term sustenance of the rollout
    • Availability of future strategy designers in-house
    In addition, we also support successful LSS deployment, if you need us. Reach out to us if you are also interested in our LSS Deployment Service by Clicking Here

We understand organizations are different, Contact Us to know how we can help customize our approach basis your Organizational Requirement.

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